Pssst…Do You Know How to Seal a Plastic Gas Tank with Epoxy? (It’s Easy)


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In many households, an untimely encounter with cracked plastic usually results in a few choice words, and then pitching the product all together in disgust. However, the use of quality epoxy in such occasions is clinically proven to help clean up that potty mouth! Not to mention, it will certainly save you some money in replacement parts. Continue reading


DIY Epoxy Handbook: Tips and Tools for Project Success


Utilizing a two-part epoxy system for your household or outdoor projects can be a great choice for a positive outcome. Some folks are a bit intimidated by the complexities of mixing epoxies, calculating ratios, and there’s also the age-old question of product safety. But our epoxy products are simply too good of an option to be hesitant about. Don’t grab the cheap glue. Read over your manual and take stock of our useful epoxy tips. Continue reading


What is the Difference Between Epoxy and Polyester Resin?

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When you begin to compare the many forms and variations of epoxies, glues, and resins available today, the results may leave you scratching your head. One question often leads to another. The chemistry behind epoxy and the varying formulas of glue has come quite a long way over the years, and can be a bit intricate. So what is the difference between each product? Let’s find out. Continue reading


Has the Tide Turned for the United States of Wal-Mart?


Rod Walck, VP-Sales & Marketing for PC-Products, weighs in on whether or not Wal-Mart can boost American jobs and the economy with its latest pro-America campaign. Can the mega-conglomerate make a difference, or is it ‘window dressing’ in response to a growing wave of criticism? Continue reading


DIY Helmet Cam with a Quick PC-Epoxy Mount


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I think it’s safe to say there is a bit of daredevil in all of us. Whether your choice is a mountain bike, a skateboard, a dirt bike, or a four-wheeler, most of us have one thing in common – we think riding is fun! Although we may not be ready for the X Games, we can pretend like we’re in the game with a DYI helmet cam. It’s a pretty easy, yet super cool project that will give you some bragging rights and lots of great memories. Here’s how to get it done. Continue reading


Uncle Scott Wants YOU! to Buy American

PC - Made in USA - November 2013

Made in USA – November 2013 by GerritsenBeach.Net

BUY MADE IN USA is a slogan nearly all of us Liberty-Lovers will nod our heads in support of. It’s a common sense, feel good, rallying kind of sentiment that we all want to get behind, and do our share to support. Well, most of the time anyway… right? When money is tight, and the old family budget is once again on the line, the beckoning lights of mass marketers neatly stocked with inexpensive imports can be a strong pull that very few can deny. Here’s something to think about. Continue reading


Need a Wood RX? The Types and Causes of Lumber Decay – and the Cure

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Nearly every natural or organic substance on Earth is prone to eventual decay. Wood is, and has always been, a most beloved building substrate with an intrinsic beauty that reminds us of our origins. Each tree’s unique coloring, grain pattern, and relative strength all lend to the charm of wooden furniture, trim, windows, flooring, and more. However, wood is also subject to factors that can cause an ugly decay. Continue reading


Quick Fall Fix’s with PC-Fast-N EZ™ (Step by Step)

PC - Fall Decorations

So how did all your autumn decorations weather their attic vacation since last year? It never fails that SOME thing, minute or otherwise, simply crumbles or cracks from its long hot stay in a cardboard box – no matter how neatly you may (or may not) have packed it. You pull it out, look at its demise, and feel the inevitable dismay set in as you contemplate spending more money on decorative junk. Continue reading


Easy Does It – With a PC-Woody Epoxy Door Hinge Fix

Common Question: “I need someone with some woodworking expertise to recommend a wood filler product that will be durable enough not to crumble or disintegrate in the door frame so that this doesn’t keep happening and I won’t be frustrated with yearly repairs. I’ve tried at least 3 kinds. Is there any kind of industrial wood epoxy type filler on the market available anywhere that I can buy?” Yup, we can help! Read on. Continue reading


Fix That Bumper and More: Surprising Auto Repairs with Epoxy

It’s a wide and wonderful world of freedom out there today – freedom by epoxy. The many different ways that our epoxies can be utilized is like the Little Engine that Could. It just keeps chugging away uphill with new ideas, techniques and possibilities for you to try out. So, let’s get started! Continue reading