Can you Repair a Cracked Steering Wheel with a PC Epoxy Fix? Yes, you can!

Auto repair

Question from an Auto Enthusiast: “My ’52 Chevy AD has what is likely the common “3 cracks” all the way around each spoke of the wheel, next to the hub around the horn button. Is this fixable? I’d like to keep as much of the original as possible.” ~ Mike Continue reading


How Long Does it Take Epoxy to Dry or “Cure”? Cure Time Tips and Tools for the DIY Weekend Warrior

timeThe internet is riddled with questions from ladies and gents who have had their epoxy repairs go awry. The time it actually takes for a putty or paste epoxy to set and harden – adequately – seems to be a great mystery, and is never as “cut and dry” as what the label says when you start out on your mission. So what to do?

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PC Products is Now an Official Glue Factory

PC Universal gluePC-Products™ has announced the launch of their first ever true glue. PC-Universal™ High Performance glue is a white glue that dries clear.

We have been watching possibilities and openings in the marketplace for a number of years. With heavier regulations coming into play with regulatory issues with the polyurethane type glues, PC has decided to enter the market with a high solids, non-toxic , ECO-Friendly concentrated glue with superior strength. This product touts 1700 psi bond strength (wood to wood), compared with the 800-900 psi capabilities of polyurethane glues.

Unlike the polyurethane glues, PC-Universal contains no isocyanates and will not foam. It is truly a universal glue, and there is no need to have a specialty wood glue since this will do it all! Since it is concentrated, the glue can be diluted with water for economy where strength is not an issue such as arts and crafts. The glue dries in about 1 hour and can be used even on vertical surfaces. The unique formulation also allows some unique packaging options. The Universal glue will be available in a 10.3 oz. cartridge as well as 4 oz., 8 oz., 1-gallon and 5-gallon packages.

PC-Universal glue will be available to the market in March. Now, you can Fix ALL Your Things with PC-Products®.


Epoxy Application Gear Guide 2013

Being well prepared for a DIY epoxy repair project is as important as the job itself. We often talk quite a bit about what epoxy product is best for a multitude of repairs like plumbing leaks, woodwork fixes, pool cracks, auto repair, and much more. But as Benjamin Franklin once said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” and that guy was no dummy! So let’s chat a bit about the gear and products you may need to safely and effectively complete your chosen DIY epoxy project! Continue reading


Epoxy Fact: Leaky Pipes Are Not Always a Difficult DIY Fix

A great set of pipes might be essential to the success of a singer or performer. But what about leak-free pipes in your home? We’re all about stress free homeownership. I suppose you are thinking that’s an oxymoron…and in many households, perhaps it is. While this blog post may not lower your blood pressure or increase your average life span, it WILL make the issue of a leaking pipe not so big a deal. In fact, it is likely that you won’t have to bother your plumber at all. Less stress = yes. Here’s how.

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PC-Products has been chosen as the September 2010 Business of the Month

Allentown Ahead and the Allentown Economic Development Corporation are delighted to announce that PC-Products has been chosen as the September 2010 Business of the Month. PC-Products, located at 221 South Third Street, is an epoxy company that has been located in the city of Allentown for over 50 years. The company was founded by John (Jack) Long in 1954 and produced just one product, PC-7, for nearly 20 years. PC-Products now produces sixteen different epoxies designed for heavy-duty repairs, quick repairs, anchoring, and wood restoration. Read full press release.