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Pssst…Do You Know How to Seal a Plastic Gas Tank with Epoxy? (It’s Easy)


Flickr Photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/23775118@N06/

In many households, an untimely encounter with cracked plastic usually results in a few choice words, and then pitching the product all together in disgust. However, the use of quality epoxy in such occasions is clinically proven to help clean up that potty mouth! Not to mention, it will certainly save you some money in replacement parts.

Some types of inexpensive or generic plastic products just can’t be fixed, or, the job simply isn’t worth the effort. But for larger items, such as gas tanks or other containment systems, epoxy paste or putty can provide a strong bond and waterproof seal that will have you back in shape in a short amount of time – without a lot of effort.

So here’s how to seal a plastic tank with epoxy:

Step 1

Drain all gasoline, or other fluid, from the tank and allow it plenty of time to dry.

Step 2

Sand the area around the hole or crack, and clean the area with a shop cloth saturated with denatured alcohol.

Step 3

Mix your two-part epoxy according to instructions and apply all around the perimeter of the opening. (We recommend trying our PC – 11 or PC – 7 epoxy formulas. They are powerhouse epoxies with super adhering strength that holds up well against such caustics as gasoline.)

Step 4

Use a fiberglass patch large enough to cover the opening and overlap it. Or, cut one to fit and place it over the hole, pressing into the epoxy.

Step 5

Apply additional epoxy to the patch and surrounding area, pressing firmly to saturate the patch.

Step 6

Allow epoxy adequate cure time as specified on the label. Then, sand the patched area smooth and spray paint with a plastic paint if so desired.


And Voila. An easy-cheesy project with a desirable outcome. Fix your things… without a single expletive!