Has the Tide Turned for the United States of Wal-Mart?


Rod Walck, VP-Sales & Marketing for PC-Products, weighs in on whether or not Wal-Mart can boost American jobs and the economy with its latest pro-America campaign. Can the mega-conglomerate make a difference, or is it ‘window dressing’ in response to a growing wave of criticism? Continue reading


Uncle Scott Wants YOU! to Buy American

PC - Made in USA - November 2013

Made in USA – November 2013 by GerritsenBeach.Net

BUY MADE IN USA is a slogan nearly all of us Liberty-Lovers will nod our heads in support of. It’s a common sense, feel good, rallying kind of sentiment that we all want to get behind, and do our share to support. Well, most of the time anyway… right? When money is tight, and the old family budget is once again on the line, the beckoning lights of mass marketers neatly stocked with inexpensive imports can be a strong pull that very few can deny. Here’s something to think about. Continue reading