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Epoxy and Repair Uses

Automotive Repairs

repair radiator leak PC-7, PC-Metal 
repair muffler PC-Fahrenheit 
repair metal steering wheel PC-7, PC-Metal 
repair rusted body paneling PC-Metal, PC-11, PC-7 
repair rearview mirror Super Epoxy 
repair side mirror Super Epoxy, PC-11, PC-7 
Make missing parts,bolts,nuts PC-7 


repair crack toilet PC-11 
repair crack/void in shower stall PC-11 
repair leaking water pipe PC-11 
fix water line PC-11 
repair water heater PC-7, PC-11, PC-Marine, PC-Plumbing, PC-Fahrenheit 
Repair hole in Dishwasher PC-11 
Fix Refrigerator Shelves Super Epoxy, Fast-N EZ 
Tile Work PC-11 
stop hydrostatic pressure PC-7, PC-Concrete, PC-Masonry Epoxy 
repair cracks in concrete floors PC-7, PC-Concrete, PC-Masonry Epoxy 
repair spalled concrete floor/walls PC-Masonry Epoxy 
mount electrical boxes without drilling the concrete walls PC-7 
Lawn & Garden
repair a birdbath PC-11, PC-Crete, PC-Masonry Epoxy 
repair Garden statues PC-7, PC-11, Super Epoxy, PC-Concrete, PC-Masonry Epoxy 
fix garden tools PC-7, Super Epoxy 
repair pots PC-7, PC-11, Super Epoxy 
Exterior of House
Repair Window Sills PC-Lumber, PC-Rot Terminator, PC-Woody, PC-Petrifier 
Repair Deck PC-Lumber, PC-Rot Terminator, PC-Woody, PC-Petrifier 
Repair weathered furniture PC-Rot Terminator, PC-Petrifier 
fix fencing PC-Lumber, PC-Rot Terminator, PC-Woody, PC-Petrifier 
repair wood siding PC-Lumber, PC-Rot Terminator, PC-Woody, PC-Petrifier 
repair chimney PC-Concrete, PC-Masonry Epoxy 
repair brick work PC-Crete, PC-Concrete, PC-Masonry Epoxy 
repair Concrete Steps PC-Concrete, PC-Masonry Epoxy 
mount handrails PC-Concrete, PC-Masonry Epoxy 
Interior of House
Garage Floor Repair PC-Concrete, PC-Masonry Epoxy 


Plug Hole in Aluminuim Canoe PC-11, PC-Marine 
Restore Dock PC-Rot Terminator, PC-Woody 
Harden wooden totem pole PC-Rot Terminator, PC-Petrifier 
Attach Fish Finders PC-7, PC-11, Super Epoxy 


Plug leaks in remote stock tanks PC-Plumbing 

Real Randomness

How to Attach Transmitter to Turtle Shell PC-7, PC-11, Super Epoxy 
Repair Crack in Turtle Shell PC-7, Super Epoxy 
Attach road reflectors PC-7, PC-Concrete 
Reset granite grave marker PC-7 


Anchor Threaded Rod for Mixing equipment PC-Concrete 
Assemble decorative iron balusters Super Epoxy