Don’t Miss Another Lunker. Put PC Super-Epoxy in Your Fishing Box

By June 14, 2013May 19th, 2017Repairs, Uncategorized

Oh no… not another story for your fishing buddies about how the big one got away. This summer, you’ve got to be prepared. Broken rods are a common occurrence in an angler’s world, but replacing quality rods regularly can get expensive. Our PC-Super Epoxy can handle a delicate job that requires heavy duty results. Your photo-op with your massive catch will be on Facebook before the day’s end!

Fisherman Say:

According to the Made Manual, “Epoxy takes some time to get down, but once you have gotten the hang of how to use it, it can be very helpful in a number of situations when repairing a rod guide.

After it has been mixed, place a little bit of epoxy over the thread wraps that secure the new fishing guide (on both sides), and turn the rod slowly in your hands for a few minutes, until the epoxy is no longer runny.

Once the first coat has hardened, apply a second (glamour) coat, which can be thicker than the first (which only secured the wraps), and slowly turn the rod in your hands until it is dry, and the guide is secured and looking good.”

PC Super Epoxy can also be used to repair broken rod tips!

Protective Coating Company Endorsed:

We know that we’ve made an excellent product for you. We researched it extensively and formulated it just right. This paste epoxy was formulated to be extremely versatile, flexible, and resilient with enormous strength – and as a bonus, it cures super fast. It won’t put a crimp in your day of angling at all!

So when that lunker grabs your lure and swiftly snaps your rod, all will NOT be lost. PC Super Epoxy has got you covered… Just be sure to keep it loaded in your tackle box!