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A true universal glue.

Why would you use a glue that not only foams but contains potentially harmful additives in it? OK; we are done giggling now. Let’s get serious. If you want a true universal glue, and we think you do, our PC-Universal™ glue is for you. We offer a nontoxic, environmentally friendly, non-foaming glue that has incredible strength. No need for multiple glues; one for wood, another for crafts, and yet another for other surfaces.  This product does it all and with the most strength in the Universe for a single component PVA glue. The high solids content allows you to bond with the ultimate strength or dilute the product; let’s say down to the average product strength of other glues. Simply adding water allows the heavy duty glue to be brought down to a craft glue strength. No animals harmed in making this one!

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PC-Universal Glue™


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