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Useful Tips

Looking for inspiration? We’ve got plenty.

If efficiency is your thing, this page is a great place to start. Read a quick summary of all the tips and tools available on the site. If we don’t offer a solution for your repair, it is beyond repair or it’s a material that can’t be repaired. Time and money savings and getting the most bang for your buck is what we are all about. Don’t waste your time, start reading!


Whether you are looking for a permanent repair or a quick fix, we have a product for you. From concrete repair to craft and hobbies, you can rest assured that you can do the job right the first time with one of our products. 62 years of providing quality repair products ensures that you can do the job correctly the first time. Where other products often fail, we stand the test of time.

Surface Prep

Each product category has a notation on preparing for the repair. Making sure the area to be repaired or bonded is prepared correctly is 80% of the battle. The products all work best on dry surfaces, but many can be used in a wet or underwater environment. The most important factor to keep in mind is that the surface being repaired or bonded to must be as clean as possible. The adhesives are only as strong as what they are bonding to, so the cleaner the better.


As with the surface prep, each category has clean-up tips for the products. Some of the products we offer clean up with soap and water while others require a solvent or alcohol for proper clean-up. Please check the specific product page for more in-depth details.


We have included some frequently asked questions in each of the product sections. We receive hundreds of questions each and every week and it would be impossible to list them all. If you don’t see your question addressed in the product page, please send us an email at For purchasing questions please use


We have included troubleshooting tips with each product. Please go to the product page and check it out. Most problems we encounter are related to a product not being properly or thoroughly mixed. Another common problem is temperature. The epoxies do not perform well at colder temperatures and require consistent temperatures to fully cure. For more details see the troubleshooting section for the specific product you are using.