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How to Measure PC-WOODY®

Tutorial - PCWoody Measuring - How to Measure - Photo 1

How to measure PC-WOODY® part A and B
  • Cut a piece of cardboard, plywood or paneling large enough to spread the two parts together. The greater the quantities of A and B, the larger the area needed. Using a flat surface instead of a cup or container is important to avoid heat buildup and reaction acceleration. PC-WOODY® that is spread out will have longer worktime or application time than in a container.
  • Measuring very small quantities is more difficult than measuring larger quantities. Be aware that imprecise measurement of very small quantities can lead to deviations of 25%, 50% or 100% from the ideal 1:1 ratio. Off-ratio measurement is the main cause of soft cured PC-WOODY®.
  • Use separate tongue depressor sticks to extract parts A and B from each container. Avoid cross contaminating containers.

Tutorial - PCWoody Measuring - How to Measure - Photo 2

Make a mound of part A and B
  • Technique for visual volumetric measurement. Note: Do not measure more than you can apply within the worktime (about 30 minutes at room temperature).
  • Place a scoop of the white paste (resin part A) on the board and make a rounded mound by swirling it until it is circular in shape like half a golf ball or tennis ball. Alongside without touching, place a scoop of brown paste (hardener B) and make a rounded mound of the equivalent circumference.

Tutorial - PCWoody Measuring - How to Measure - Photo 3

Compare circumference and height of A and B
  • Examine and compare the height of each mound. Add or take away from the brown paste to reach an equivalent height to the white mound. If the white paste’s circumference and height is equivalent to the brown then it is 1:1 by volume.
  • 5% to 10% more part A than part B is within the optimum range.
  • Note: Adding more than one equivalent volume of brown paste (hardener part B) does not make the mixed product cure faster or harder and can cause the opposite effect.
  • Weight measurement. Ratio 10.6 parts A to 10.0 parts B.