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April 2013

Creative projects for the artist at heart

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Creativity is not something that belongs solely to the artistically or musically gifted. We’ve all got a healthy dose of it – and it’s even better when a little creative thinking can be applied to produce something useful in our daily lives. The end result of our endeavors can be uplifting, and even make us proud.

Here’s a little secret to help you out. Creativity flows best when the tinkerer has a bag-of-tricks to help the process along without roadblocks. And what is more important in that bag-of-tricks than a stash of PC7 epoxy?  Not much. Here are some reasons why:

  • You can keep PC-7 around for a while. Store it in your shop or basement. It has an excellent shelf life – up to two years.
  • There’s not much PC-7 won’t bond to. It works on aluminum, rubber, porcelain/ceramics, and stainless steel.
  • Once cured, PC-7 is harmless and safe for contact by human or beast.
  • PC-7 will withstand a temperature of 250°F. If you DO need a product that holds under extreme heat, you can use our PC Fahrenheit.
  • PC-7 is resistant to oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and other petroleum products after the regular cure time. It is also resistant to mild acids, salt and fresh water and most other chemicals.

Once cured, PC-7 can be painted any color you like to fit the masterpiece you’ve created.

Need more inspiration?

If you are looking for a few examples just to spark your own creativity, we’ve got them. Here’s a list of ideas others have tried using PC-7 epoxy.

  • Attach metal pieces to concrete or rock (think yard art). PC-7 forms a much stronger bond than regular glue, and is resistant to outdoor elements.
  • Repair those toppled cemetery gravestones you feel sorry for. (We actually get calls for this very reason!)
  • Build a wall. How many times have you driven past an attractive stone wall and admired it? Go ahead, with PC-7 it’s an easy DIY. (Tip: Ask a farmer where his stone pile is and if you can use some – chances are he’s got way more than he wants or needs.)
  • Fix rusted automotive body paneling.
  • Rescue and animal. Do a good deed and creatively repair a turtle’s cracked shell. Vet’s do it!
  • Replace old wooden balusters with lovely new iron ones. Epoxy seals the deal.

Do we have your creative thoughts flowing yet? It’s time to get your Tom Edison or Michelangelo on and get to work. You’ll be amazed at all you can accomplish.

“Things that make you go…. Hmmm”