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Wood Repair

Defend Your Wood: How to Beat Rot Like a Superhero

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Hold on, if you’re thinking any dirty thoughts, hit the back button. We’re talking fixing your things here.

I highly doubt there’s a man or woman alive who hasn’t faced a piece of wood rotting, crumbling, or being infested by nasty insects at some point or another in their lives. It doesn’t have to cause your stomach to sour or your temples to throb with woe. We’ve got solutions right here and now. At Protective Coating Company, we know that wood siding, garage doors, or window sills can all be repaired easily without a big expense. No sweat.

PC Rot Terminator

This is your first line of defense. Clean the rotted area you wish to repair of any loose dirt and dust. Removal of paint and varnish will even increase the power of rot terminator as well. Then apply the Rot Terminator product to the area with a brush. PC-Rot Terminator will readily follow the grain of rotted wood.

For maximum penetration, poke or drill holes into the wood or expose the grain of the wood by cutting into the wood. For vertical surfaces drill holes on an angle to ensure PC-Rot Terminator stays in place. Reapply the PC-Rot Terminator prior to cure if needed. Repeat if needed.

PC Woody Repair

After the rot terminator has fully cured, you can use PC-Woody to rebuild the area that has crumbled and fallen away or decayed. Apply PC Woody in any thickness to both sides of the surface and bring together firmly. Make sure that an ample amount of PC-Woody remains between the contact surfaces. Use screen wire or fiberglass cloth to reinforce large voids and gaps.

Denatured alcohol is excellent for smoothing applied PC Woody. Let this application fully cure, and then you are free to sand, prime and paint away.

If it Still Sounds Too Hard

If you like things made to order, we have a Rotted Wood Repair Kit that might suit your discriminating taste. Included in the kit are the PC-Petrifier to harden rotted and damaged wood, the PC-Woody to permanently repair wood and the PC-Lumber to rebuild, shape, and mold your wood. It’s got everything you need for the job at hand. No pun intended.

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Woodwork Woes: How to Fix Wood or Decking that is Showing Signs of Rot.

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When wood turns soft, and begins to sag or rot… well, it’s just not a pretty sight, is it? We agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly, and have formulated several products for those of us who refuse to accept decay as the inevitable reality. Forget tossing that picnic table, or having to replace an entire window sash, doorway, or deteriorated piece of wood siding.  You DO have options.

How to Do Away With the Nasty

1. Terminate the Rot.   PC – Terminator is a structural wood hardener designed to strengthen decayed or rotted wood. The mixture is a low viscosity liquid that penetrates porous surfaces, filling and sealing voids with an epoxy that cures to a hard but durable component. PC-Rot Terminator is useful for replacement of missing wood fibers or wood resin. PC-Rot Terminator fills the voids in the wood with an elastomer and binds the wood fibers with a strength that is greater than wood.

BIG TIP: If you use PC-Terminator, and the wood still seems a little soft, you should repeat the application! The more you put on, the harder your wood will become after drying. Don’t skimp.

2. Rebuild Your Wood. After decay has been halted with Petrifier, you can move on to restoration and rebuilding of any missing parts with PC-Woody Epoxy Paste. PC-Woody will also hold up to expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, varying humidity – and it can be painted! This exact application was highlighted on a recent “Today” show and our PC-Woody was one of the recommended products!

BIG TIP: PC-Woody allows about 45 minutes working time, so even a large job can be done easily. For smaller jobs, PC-LUMBER is now available for quick projects in a convenient putty stick! It’s so easy; you’ll think there’s a catch – but nope!

3. Stain or Paint. You can stain PC-Woody epoxy paste after it has cured (24 hours). Sand it first with medium grit sandpaper, and then apply the stain. We see the best results come from using a heavy pigmented stain or gel stain.

BIG TIP: You can also cheat. Use dry powder earth tone pigments and add them to the epoxy while mixing it. This is the fastest and best way to tint it to match surrounding wood.

Additional Uses: Doorway in a JAM?

You can also utilize PC – Woody – which is a 100 percent solid epoxy without any solvents – to repair stripped out screws in doorways, as well as many other wood projects.

Moral of the story: You can end wood rot and enjoy your summer in peaceful harmony with your favorite PC wood repair epoxy.