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Marine and Boat Repair

Sandy’s Wicked Aftermath: Tackling Marine and Boat Repair

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Have you, or members of your family, felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy in some way?

The “super-storm” left dozens dead, thousands homeless and millions without power. Total damage is expected to be in the billions of dollars! According to the National Hurricane Center, the width of the tropical-storm force winds alone neared 1000 miles in diameter. WOW!

Aside from the largest losses, where rebuild will take months to even years, many families have felt the effects through smaller damages to property, particularly docked boats or other marine craft. According to BoatUS/Sail-World, Hurricane Sandy damaged more than 65,000 boats and caused more than $650 million in damages to crafts across the US. “We’ve never seen anything like it,” said Scott Croft, BoatUS AVP of Public Affairs.

Boat repair is expensive, and unless your insurance company is happy, willing, and even able to pick up the tab, many folks are left to deal with some do-it-yourself fixes to lower costs or deductibles.

PC Marine and Boat Repairs

PC – 11 Paste Epoxy That Cures Underwater

Got a submerged substrate? No problem. The high “wet grab” or tack of PC-11® makes overhead and sidewall work easy without drip or sag. Our PC-11® demonstrates excellent chemical resistance to mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt, and fresh water. With PC – 11, there is an extended working time, for large and critical jobs, which allows you to reposition work or make changes as you go along in the process. No rocket science involved!


PC – Marine Putty Epoxy for Fast and Easy Repair

Small problem? Want to hit the water again soon? PC-Marine™ is a hand moldable putty epoxy designed for quick emergency-type repairs. PC-Marine™ is formulated to adhere to wet, dry, and submerged surfaces that are clean. Cut, mix and apply. PC-Marine™ allows a working time of about 15 minutes and cures for service in 60 minutes.

If you are an avid mariner or boat owner, take a look at this site: for a variety of forums covering all sorts of boat questions and issues.