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FIY to the EXTREME – Can You Handle the Heat?

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Sometimes, you just get the urge to push the envelope. Walk on the wild side, and see how far can you go with your “self repairs.” Even if it’s merely for bragging rights, we’ve got the most crazy of your fix-er-up projects COVERED.

Do you live at the North Pole, where it is -40 degrees and blowing like an elf in the wind? We got you. Are you toiling in the Sahara Desert, working on the construction of the latest camel rest stop where the thermometer reads a staggering 120 degrees? We’ve still got you.

Cause we’re PC – Products and we don’t mess around with little variables like the extreme heat or frigid cold. We just went ahead and concocted some solutions to life’s stickier situations.

cookout. PC – Fahrenheit will hold up to 500°F for long periods of time, and is certainly extreme enough to get you through your gig. PC-Fahrenheit™ allows a working time of about 8 minutes and cures for service in 60 minutes … now that’s Extreme FIY!

Suggested uses:

  • Grill /fireplace repair. Easy cheesy.
  • Muffler problems? No sweat.
  • Hot water heater leaks. Yup.

PC-Xtreme. This product is a rapid curing Polyurea elastomeric crack and joint filler. Don’t forget that phrase – you’ll want to use it on your buddy later!

The PC –Xtreme uniformly dispenses from its cartridge and blends the resin and the hardener through a mixing nozzle, utilizing a standard caulking gun. It even self-levels. There’s no way you’re messing up your project today!

Suggested uses are as follows:

  • Fill cracks in your concrete in the middle of winter. Snow removal may be necessary.
  • Make a repair to your freezer or fridge while it’s cold. No problem.
  • Industrial or Heavy Duty floor applications in high traffic areas. Got your back.

To sum it all up: whether you are a weekend FIY warrior or a stay-at-home momma, you can release your inner “MacGyver” with the varying aspects of our epoxy putties and pastes. Clear your mind, free your imagination, and get your things FIXED!

Extreme Weather Wreaking Havoc on Your Concrete or Blacktop? No Sweat (or Chills!)

By PC Xtreme, Uncategorized

Make no mistake about it – no matter where you live, the weather can be quite variable – and even downright cruel. The repeated freezing and thawing of concrete or blacktop over the course of time is quite likely to cause cracking, no matter how well the surface has been poured and treated. Heavy use, high traffic, and/or the movement of industrial equipment across surfaces will require the use of something super-human for repair purposes.

Extreme Times Call for Xtreme Measures

Have we got something extreme in store for you (and yes, we are talking superpowers – like rocket science in a tube)! Although it may arrive at your doorstep minus the fancy red cape, not even kryptonite will render it weak and defenseless. PC – Xtreme is an amazing new polyuerea epoxy product (link to PC-Xtreme product on website) that can withstand the harshest of environments, and is applicable in wicked temperatures, ranging from a frigid -40 degrees Fahrenheit to a sweltering 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is There Really Such A Thing?

Impossible, you say? Try us. We encourage you to challenge us with unusual applications, extreme environments, and difficult repairs. PC Xtreme is self-leveling polyurea epoxy, and will neatly fill both cracks and joints no matter what the temperature may be. The resin and hardener are uniformly dispensed from the cartridge and mixed through a mixing nozzle through the use of a standard caulking gun. Its extreme flexibility allows for up to 15 percent movement of installed joint width for concrete repair. It even meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact, so it’s great for commercial freezer repairs as well.

PC – Xtreme cure times range from 20 minutes to 10 hours based on the temperature when applied, but the final result is the same: superior strength and consistency that will hold up under whatever abuse you can dream up. This polyurea epoxy even has extreme chemical resistance. Visit our website for some valuable tips on surface and joint preparation, and mixing instructions.

Get Started Today

Whether you live on the arctic tundra or the sweltering desolation of Death Valley, cracks in your concrete or blacktop don’t need to give you extra grief. You can fix it yourself with our PC – Xtreme polyurea epoxy repair product. If you want to wear that red cape too, well, we promise not to tell.