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Animal Rescues with Epoxy

By February 3, 2013May 19th, 2017Repairs, Uncategorized

At PC Products, you might have come to realize that our favorite slogan is “Fix Your Things.” After all, our company is all about repair, restoration, and fabrication using a variety of products we’ve come up with in our PC “Lab.” But, what happens when something “alive” comes to YOU in need of FIXING? And it could be a matter of life or death?

Epoxy has come to have a place in the rescue and rehabilitation of certain animal species – especially those with hard external shells. So, if your kid brings you a turtle that’s wondered into the street and gotten smacked or has been hit by the neighbor’s lawn mower, you might just be able to fix that too!

I’m Batman.

This lucky fellow – after being struck by a car, severely damaging his shell – stumbled upon someone with the talent to “fix his things” – and with a sense of humor too!

We found this pic on It’s no joke. This lucky tortoise’s shell was fixed with a fiberglass batman patch and a healthy dose of epoxy resin before being sent off into the world with a “bad-a$$” attitude to match!

We think this rocks!!! PC – 7 Epoxy is our recommendation .



According To Experts

There are many ways to repair cracked or broken turtle shells, but most repairs are commonly done using a fiberglass patch and epoxy resin. Douglas Mader, DVM, DABVP, of Marathon Veterinary Hospital in Marathon, Fla., said that “For simple fractures you can epoxy zip ties to the shell and connect the broken pieces together very efficiently with the nylon ties. This technique obviates the need to drill holes in the shell, thus minimizing complications or potential additional bone injury or bone pain from the drill sites.”

Fleming also says that while the process is lengthy, surgical repair of chelonian shell fractures is rewarding and worthwhile. “These reptiles often have life spans greater than 50 years,” he said. “By rehabilitating an adult chelonian, you are assisting with conservation as well as helping individual animals that are often overlooked and never treated.”

Doctor’s Orders: PC Epoxy Works!