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Easy Does It – With a PC-Woody Epoxy Door Hinge Fix

By September 15, 2013July 30th, 2018Repairs, Uncategorized

Common Question: “I need someone with some woodworking expertise to recommend a wood filler product that will be durable enough not to crumble or disintegrate in the door frame so that this doesn’t keep happening and I won’t be frustrated with yearly repairs. I’ve tried at least 3 kinds. Is there any kind of industrial wood epoxy type filler on the market available anywhere that I can buy?” Yup, we can help! Read on.

Just about all of us have faced the issue of a loose or sagging door hinge. And most of us have tried a quick repair that may have held up…for a little while. But a quick fix can often prove a bigger problem in the long run, with a hinge that snaps completely or rips right out of the door jamb.

PC-Woody to the rescue

PC-Woody epoxy was formulated for exactly such a purpose. It’s a tough product. It will last. Here’s what you do!

1. Open the door wide and insert a wedge under the bottom outside corner to level it.

2. Remove the screws that hold the loose hinge leaf to the door jamb. If the hinge and jamb are painted, cut the paint around the leaf with a utility knife.

3. Swing the leaf away from the jamb.

4. Bore out the stripped holes with a 3/8-inch-diameter bit.

5. Using separate knives to remove amount needed, mix equal parts A (off white) and B (light brown) on a flat clean surface until a uniform color is achieved.

6. Fill the holes and cracks with the mixed PC Woody epoxy and allow appropriate time for cure.

7. Scrape away excess epoxy then feather out the repaired area with sandpaper. Wear a dust mask while sanding.

8. Re-attach hinge with screws a little longer than the originals for a firmer hold.

PC-Woody strong

Voila! You’ve completed an easy fix with minimum sweat, and it should last quite a bit longer than the golf tee trick would! Once cured, PC epoxies are stronger than the original material they are replacing.

Happy fixin’!