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Quick Fall Fix’s with PC-Fast-N EZ™ (Step by Step)

By September 29, 2013May 19th, 2017Repairs, Uncategorized

So how did all your autumn decorations weather their attic vacation since last year? It never fails that SOME thing, minute or otherwise, simply crumbles or cracks from its long hot stay in a cardboard box – no matter how neatly you may (or may not) have packed it. You pull it out, look at its demise, and feel the inevitable dismay set in as you contemplate spending more money on decorative junk.

It’s really an easy fix though – no need to toss it away yet! We’ve formulated a little product called PC-Fast-N EZ™ – it comes with its own mixing and application system. Ease of use is the key with this translucent self-mixing formulation. You don’t have to be a DIY Network junkie with your own special tool belt to get this kind of job done quickly.

Here’s a step by step!

1. Preparation is the Key to Success

To form a superior bond, thorough preparation is the most important step. This is not time consuming or tedious, we simply mean a bit of sanding on both areas that need to be reattached or bonded to rough up the surface. PC-Fast-N EZ™ has a short work time, so make sure preparation comes before you are ready to bond.

2. Clean off the Surface

After sanding, we recommend using a bit of denatured alcohol to clean the surface of any grit or residue that might remain. Denatured alcohol is used as a solvent, is fast drying, and is found in any hardware store. If you don’t have it, a moist cloth will work well, just make sure to give the surface area more time to dry completely.

3. Prepare the PC-Fast-N EZ™ Application Nozzle

First, break off the tab and set the cap to the side. Twist the nozzle to lock it into the proper position by allowing the nozzle to snap into place past the prongs. The nozzle must be locked into place prior to any application.

4. Apply PC-Fast-N EZ™ Epoxy

Depress the plunger evenly and slowly to dispense the mixed epoxy directly onto the surface you wish to repair. The nozzle both mixes the epoxy for you, and allows you to apply it precisely. Fast AND easy.

5. Clean Syringe for Storage

If there is product left after application, wipe the syringe end after removing the nozzle. Place plastic cap onto the end of syringe and store for future use. After 1 ½ hours, everything should be fairly well set!

Have fun this fall, and don’t let any broken stuff get you down. A quick and easy fix with PC Epoxy will often leave you with a decoration that is stronger than the original version!