The Truth About Boating

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Got a thing for boats? Have your own opinion on sailing issues? Looking for answers to questions without a spin? Don’t want to read blogs churned out by salespeople trying to bedazzle you right into their marketing funnel?

We’ve noticed a little website – actually one that’s not so little anymore – that has appeared upon the rolling waves of the internet sea just for people like you. The best part? It delivers “The real truth delivered by real boat enthusiasts without the attached sales B.S.” We like to hear that!

According to Publisher/Editor Scot Tempesta…

“Many boat reviews are nothing more than politically correct spin to ensure the advertising revenue is not jeopardized. It’s time to change all that. Sailing Anarchy will present topics, ideas and, critiques that have never been written about before. Anywhere.”

And even more importantly, Sailing Anarchy puts readers and boat enthusiasts together in community forums where they can hash out ideas and share boat repair tips that really work. Since boat owners are often “DIY” folks who believe in treating a boat or vessel with their own personal touch and care – forums that encourage ideas and problem solving are a must!


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Anarchy may not be for the faint of heart

But it sure is fun! Says Tempesta, “This is where the big kids play. Where the hell else are you going to have this much freedom to say what you want? After all, that is ultimately what Anarchy is all about.”

Freedom of speech, sharing ideas, no B.S., and fixing things on your own. That’s what it’s all about!