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Hold it Right There! How Long Does Epoxy Take to Cure?

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Hold it right there, Mr. Impatient. Wait another minute. Or is it an hour? Days? As it stands, curing times for different epoxy pastes and putties vary quite widely. As much as your fingers ache and yearn to pick up (or step on … or throw) what you’ve fixed and test it out, you might be jumping the gun. The strength of an epoxy hold often depends on how well it cures. You might want to resist temptation a little longer!

Looking for a Quick Fix?

It’s true that most of us are looking for something quick … because if it takes a long time, we just don’t want to bother. And we’re OK with that! PC Putty Epoxies are just the solution when you need a quick fix. Putties are hand moldable and quick setting, they boast a short work time and fast cure time. They are just what you need if you want to get back to the game before half-time is over!

  • PC-Plumbing is a hand moldable putty epoxy designed for quick emergency-type repairs. PC-Plumbing™ allows a working time of about 3 minutes and cures for service in 60 minutes.
  • PC-Metal™ (insert link: is formulated with metal fibers to add strength and resilience but remains non conductive. It also allows a working time of about 3 minutes and cures for service in 60 minutes.
  • PC-Lumber ™ is formulated with real wood. Cut, mix and apply. PC-Lumber™ allows a working time of about 15 minutes and cures for service in 60 minutes.

Seeking Strength and Endurance?

If you have a critical repair, try a PC Paste Epoxy for a HEAVY DUTY, permanent fix. Paste epoxies give the user extra working time for large jobs and are the strongest epoxies in the PC-Products family of repair products. Many times, the strength of our paste epoxy bond is stronger than the original material itself!

  • PC-7® is the number one rated tough job epoxy! This paste epoxy was formulated for maximum bonding power and demonstrates excellent chemical resistance to mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt, and fresh water.
  • PC – Fast-N EZ is a fast cure epoxy for quick but permanent repairs. PC-Fast-N EZ™ is an extremely flexible translucent paste epoxy that is very easy to use. Perfect for precise applications, this epoxy flows beautifully through a static mix nozzle that mixes the epoxy for you.
  • PC-Auto Bond™ is fast curing, strong and flexible cold weld Epoxy formulation. PC-Auto Bond™ forms a tough bond without the need for clamping and exhibits superior shatter, impact and vibration stability and resistance.

Epoxy Rule of Thumb

A general rule of thumb for epoxy curing is this: if your project is important, cure it warm, slow, and long. Cold curing doesn’t hold strength very well. A good bet is to allow 72 hours of setup time for full strength building of adhesive bonds to form and mature. It is most critical to allow jobs subject to pressure or stress a full curing time.

Adventures with Epoxy – Oh Yeah, They Really Do Happen!

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Have you ever heard of a KTM 450 EXC? It’s an Austrian dirt bike that is pretty popular across the world. Wes Prunckle of San Pedro, California is an avid fan of this particular bike – he loves riding out on a trek with his three sons. But a broken seal and leaking water pump was putting a real damper on their adventurous family outings.

His sons came to the rescue! Since Wes’s sons are heavy into mechanical engineering (all three have degrees in the field), they decided to try to fix the problem for their Dad so that he could to continue to ride his Austrian dirt bike on their fantastic family treks. PC – Plumbing Epoxy was part of the solution, especially with its fast-cure time and durable sealing nature.

“We waited for it to cure overnight since the first day was lost trying to fix it. The first two attempts didn’t completely fix the problem, but our process was also different” said Wes in a recent email to PC Products.

But the initial delay didn’t cause the Prunkle boys to give up at all. They just tinkered with their design. “It didn’t work until my one son drew up a finalized solution and capitalized on how to compress the epoxy in and hold the seal – but still allow the water pump shaft to turn,” added Wes.

Wes’s sons sent us some hand-drawn pictures to show how they compressed the epoxy (using a washer and socket) carefully into place to hold and seal the broken water pump.

It was a critical maneuver – the PC- Plumbing epoxy seal had to hold the original seal and not allow it to spin since it was broken in half. At the same time, it was necessary that the water pump shaft be able to turn to allow the new epoxy seal to not move or turn.

Sounds difficult. Sounds technical. Sounds iffy. But nope – the PC – Plumbing Epoxy seal held. Wes was ecstatic. “This solution worked and I was able to ride a 40 mile trail ride with no water leak!”

Ride on, Wes. Ride on.

So I Bought Your PC Epoxy for a Repair– Now What??? (Hint: Surface Preparation)

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There are basically two types of people roaming the hardware stores these days – those who are naturally good at fixing things up (and even enjoy doing it), and those who just really want to save themselves some cash. Some folks are a little mixture of both. But whatever category you fall into (full disclosure not necessary), there is one gargantuan hint to any successful epoxy repair.

You must effectively prepare your surface BEFORE the application of any epoxy product for full effect and durability. No matter what your surface may be.

Why, you may ask? Because epoxy must adhere to surfaces, and surfaces are often covered with dust, dirt, grease, oil, oxide films, etc. All these contaminants, even at a microscopic level, will interfere with the strength of your finished epoxy project.


  • Prep surfaces by making sure they are clean and free of dirt, oils, etc. Note: Always clean the surface before sanding. Sanding the surface with sandpaper does not remove wax or other contamination. Sanding often melts greases and oils into the surface making it impossible to obtain a clean surface.
  • Lightly sand or “rough up” the fiberglass surface. Caution: Do not sand excessively. This will create porosity in the surface that will have to be filled.
  • Blow off the surface with clean, dry, compressed air while dry wiping to remove sanding dust and residue.


  • Surfaces to be bonded must be free of dirt, oil, decay, etc. Denatured alcohol works very well to clean surfaces before applying.
  • If surfaces are previously painted, it is best to strip paint before utilizing epoxy wood repair products.
  • For best results, rough up the surface that PC-Woody® or other PC Wood Products will be bonding to with a light grit sandpaper.
  • Normally, a vice grip or a clamp is not needed for an epoxy wood repair. Prop or tape heavy objects to a wall or ceiling.


  • Surfaces to be bonded must be free of dirt, grease, etc. Denatured alcohol can be used to clean and prep the surface.
  • Dry thoroughly before beginning the epoxy repair process.
  • For best results, rough up the surface to be bonded if you can. However, when you want the result to be clear and seamless (as with the case of a broken crystal vase etc.), simply press the two clean surfaces together with PC – Clear.


  • All concrete surfaces must be cleaned of any grease, dirt, or debris.
  • If holes are being drilled, be sure to blow out dust from the bottom of the hole/crack. Brush the hole/crack with a nylon brush. Blow out dust again.



Taking the time to complete a thorough surface preparation is going to make all the difference in the quality of your project, and help to provide a lasting result for your DIY fix-it efforts. And of course, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask our experts or visit our PC – Products page on Facebook!

Small Businesses: How To Trounce a Mass Merchant Like a Warrior

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No matter what the retail business may be, a lot of mom and pop shops have thrown in the towel over the last decade or two. Mass merchants roll through towns like unstoppable steam trains, and all the initial resident uproar and town hall meetings fall short of their goals. In the words of the creepy old Oncler from Dr. Suess’s The Lorax, “Business is business, and business must grow…”

How do we compete, you ask? With these large retailers who outsource their parts and labor to China and beyond, their prices will beat yours every single time. They are everywhere, in nearly every town, and they don’t close their doors when our hard-working American families sit down to supper together. Mass merchants have the money and power to advertise circles around small businesses, and often, government backing through big-biz tax breaks. It’s frustrating. It’s maddening. But is it a lost cause?

Release Your Inner Warrior

Chances are, if the preceding paragraphs got your back up and your lip curled, then you have got enough warrior in you to fight back. It’s not a losing cause. It’s all about strategy – and it’s one we utilize at PC-Products Epoxies. We are all-American, we never outsource, we continue to grow, and we are Proud of Our Ethics.

Here is our own “PC-Products take” on just how to battle like a warrior:

1. Never slash prices to compete. If you get drawn into this trick, you will lose. Discount prices attract discount customers who don’t care about loyalty or quality, and you will just lose your profit margin. Our epoxy repair products are priced higher than many of our competitors – but we won’t lower them – because they are made to last and work.

2. Brand, brand, brand. If you haven’t done this, sit down and think this through. What is it about your company, and your core values that you want to transmit to your loyal customers? You will want to promote this message in every bit of marketing you utilize, and all your employees should know it in their sleep. Our own motto is “FIX YOUR THINGS with PC-Products.” We sell products that will help our clients with all wood restoration projects, concrete repair, plumbing repairs – so pretty much anything that needs fixing – we have a paste or putty epoxy repair product to help.

3. Don’t overstock. Hardware stores in particular are known for over-packing their aisles full of interesting stuff to browse through. The trouble is, without a clear merchandising plan with a customer focus, your shoppers may feel a bit lost, and that trolling aisle after aisle may be too frustrating and time consuming. Pick the brands you are most pleased with and focus on them. If a customer asks you “WHY this product? “ – have a good answer ready. The PC-Products answer is: We contend that if you want your money’s worth, always look for the PC on the label.

4. Make service your top priority. We are talking EXTREME customer service – the kind they won’t get anywhere else, and will bring them back to you again. You must choose employees with interpersonal skills, as well as knowledge about your products. Your salespeople may know exactly how to fix a plumbing leak, but you MUST give them the tools and scripts they need to be able to feel safe and positive talking to customers. It also helps to add value to your sales by suggesting other complementing products the customer didn’t initially ask for, but would certainly make their task easier or longer lasting.

Find Your Niche

According to Ken Stone, an Iowa State economics professor, “Hardware chains in particular — and I did a lot of work [consulting] for True Value and Ace — finally learned that they had to specialize and find niches. And the first niche was service. They gave better service.”

Figure out a way to make the “extreme service approach” come first in your business. Make personal and lasting connections with your customers, and don’t stop when they walk out your door. Keep in touch through email, newsletters, mailers, and social media. Stellar service and a great brand message or philosophy will keep you one step ahead of the big guys!


Need to Fix Broken Glass or Ceramics Without a Noticeable Crack? Get PC-Clear on This Subject!

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You can stop sweating in fear over the fallout from whatever you have just broken. Your life is not over, and you won’t be banished to the garage for a year if you cracked your wife’s prized knick knack, the “one that could never ever be replaced in a zillion years.” If the road to a subtle and sneaky repair is clear to us, then it should be clear to you as well, right?

PC Clear liquid epoxy is your path to absolution. It’s formulated expressly for the purpose of disguising a repair with the absence of color – even after the curing time is completed. That fact that it is very durable as well as flexible makes it quite superior to any of the other epoxies out there on the market.

But perhaps you’ve broken something that’s a little out of the ordinary? Something that is exposed to harsh weather, water, chemicals, or varying degrees of temperature? We still have your back! PC Clear liquid epoxy demonstrates excellent chemical resistance to mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt, and fresh water. So bring it! (Exemption: PC Clear won’t bond to wax paper or Teflon. Sorry Martha.)

A Plethora of Uses

PC Clear is not only for use on glass, ceramic or crystal vases It’s a must have in everybody’s “fix it quick in a jam” drawer or cabinet for a variety of purposes. So whatever you have in your throw-away pile, take a quick look at our list of ideas before you toss it. You may be able to easily fix it yourself!

  • Granite countertop
  • Broken slate stone
  • Broken brick
  • Ceramic planter
  • Chipped plate or pottery (save the piece!)
  • Broken tile section
  • Glass figurine
  • Broken decorative metal gadget thingamabob geegaw

As you can see, the possibilities are really endless. If you want to have a seamless, clear, and unnoticeable repair, PC Clear is the liquid epoxy of choice. With a seven minute average cure time, you’re walk of shame to the garage might even make you skip!

For mixing instructions and application instructions, visit our website. Hurray for PC Clear!

Woodwork Woes: How to Fix Wood or Decking that is Showing Signs of Rot.

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When wood turns soft, and begins to sag or rot… well, it’s just not a pretty sight, is it? We agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly, and have formulated several products for those of us who refuse to accept decay as the inevitable reality. Forget tossing that picnic table, or having to replace an entire window sash, doorway, or deteriorated piece of wood siding.  You DO have options.

How to Do Away With the Nasty

1. Terminate the Rot.   PC – Terminator is a structural wood hardener designed to strengthen decayed or rotted wood. The mixture is a low viscosity liquid that penetrates porous surfaces, filling and sealing voids with an epoxy that cures to a hard but durable component. PC-Rot Terminator is useful for replacement of missing wood fibers or wood resin. PC-Rot Terminator fills the voids in the wood with an elastomer and binds the wood fibers with a strength that is greater than wood.

BIG TIP: If you use PC-Terminator, and the wood still seems a little soft, you should repeat the application! The more you put on, the harder your wood will become after drying. Don’t skimp.

2. Rebuild Your Wood. After decay has been halted with Petrifier, you can move on to restoration and rebuilding of any missing parts with PC-Woody Epoxy Paste. PC-Woody will also hold up to expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, varying humidity – and it can be painted! This exact application was highlighted on a recent “Today” show and our PC-Woody was one of the recommended products!

BIG TIP: PC-Woody allows about 45 minutes working time, so even a large job can be done easily. For smaller jobs, PC-LUMBER is now available for quick projects in a convenient putty stick! It’s so easy; you’ll think there’s a catch – but nope!

3. Stain or Paint. You can stain PC-Woody epoxy paste after it has cured (24 hours). Sand it first with medium grit sandpaper, and then apply the stain. We see the best results come from using a heavy pigmented stain or gel stain.

BIG TIP: You can also cheat. Use dry powder earth tone pigments and add them to the epoxy while mixing it. This is the fastest and best way to tint it to match surrounding wood.

Additional Uses: Doorway in a JAM?

You can also utilize PC – Woody – which is a 100 percent solid epoxy without any solvents – to repair stripped out screws in doorways, as well as many other wood projects.

Moral of the story: You can end wood rot and enjoy your summer in peaceful harmony with your favorite PC wood repair epoxy.

Extreme Weather Wreaking Havoc on Your Concrete or Blacktop? No Sweat (or Chills!)

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Make no mistake about it – no matter where you live, the weather can be quite variable – and even downright cruel. The repeated freezing and thawing of concrete or blacktop over the course of time is quite likely to cause cracking, no matter how well the surface has been poured and treated. Heavy use, high traffic, and/or the movement of industrial equipment across surfaces will require the use of something super-human for repair purposes.

Extreme Times Call for Xtreme Measures

Have we got something extreme in store for you (and yes, we are talking superpowers – like rocket science in a tube)! Although it may arrive at your doorstep minus the fancy red cape, not even kryptonite will render it weak and defenseless. PC – Xtreme is an amazing new polyuerea epoxy product (link to PC-Xtreme product on website) that can withstand the harshest of environments, and is applicable in wicked temperatures, ranging from a frigid -40 degrees Fahrenheit to a sweltering 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is There Really Such A Thing?

Impossible, you say? Try us. We encourage you to challenge us with unusual applications, extreme environments, and difficult repairs. PC Xtreme is self-leveling polyurea epoxy, and will neatly fill both cracks and joints no matter what the temperature may be. The resin and hardener are uniformly dispensed from the cartridge and mixed through a mixing nozzle through the use of a standard caulking gun. Its extreme flexibility allows for up to 15 percent movement of installed joint width for concrete repair. It even meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact, so it’s great for commercial freezer repairs as well.

PC – Xtreme cure times range from 20 minutes to 10 hours based on the temperature when applied, but the final result is the same: superior strength and consistency that will hold up under whatever abuse you can dream up. This polyurea epoxy even has extreme chemical resistance. Visit our website for some valuable tips on surface and joint preparation, and mixing instructions.

Get Started Today

Whether you live on the arctic tundra or the sweltering desolation of Death Valley, cracks in your concrete or blacktop don’t need to give you extra grief. You can fix it yourself with our PC – Xtreme polyurea epoxy repair product. If you want to wear that red cape too, well, we promise not to tell.


Swimming Pool Cracks Got You Down? Don’t Despair… You CAN Fix It.

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Most swimming pool owners would agree that their pool is the centerpiece of a picturesque backyard environment. It is the epicenter of entertainment – for your family, for your children, and for your friends and neighbors. It is a place to come together, unwind, relax, and enjoy the tranquility of the glorious summer months. Not to mention the fact that your pool has been a huge monetary investment, and also consumes a large amount of time and money to clean and maintain properly.

The sudden appearance of unsightly cracks along the bottom, sides, or stairs can feel like a slap across your tan and smiling face. Pool cracks are even known to bring on such physical symptoms as nausea, vomiting, facial tics, and generalized anxiety disorder!

So what do you do? Are you facing the horrible concept of draining thousands of gallons of water and an expensive repair bill? You have a pool party next week!!! Where do you turn for answers?

The solution may be much simpler than you think. You can fix pool cracks underwater through the simple use of epoxy (glue) products that are designed for just this purpose – without draining your pool. It’s fairly easy to do, and only requires a speedo, goggles, and a bit of PC-Pool Epoxy or PC- 11 Marine Epoxy. Gills would be nice, but sometimes, you just can’t have everything you want.

About PC’s Underwater Epoxies

PC- 11 is a high-tech structural paste epoxy and has been formulated as a true marine epoxy, which allows users to bond to wet, dry, or fully submerged substrates. The PC-11 paste epoxy is formulated to provide an extended working time for large and critical jobs, which even allows the user to reposition work or make changes as they repair. High “wet grab” or tack of PC-11 epoxy makes overhead and sidewall work easy without drip or sag. Nothing to it folks!

The PC – Pool Epoxy Putty Stick is a new product that is both excellent and very convenient for repairing pool tiles or other equipment without draining the pool. It even demonstrates an excellent resistance to mild acids, caustics, chlorine, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt, and fresh water.

Magic? No – just polymerization and technology – but it sure feels magical to the anxious pool owner! You CAN fix it yourself – just follow the mixing directions and apply where needed. For mixing tips, where to buy, and additional information, just follow this link. Time to enjoy that crack-free pool!

PC-Products has been chosen as the September 2010 Business of the Month

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Allentown Ahead and the Allentown Economic Development Corporation are delighted to announce that PC-Products has been chosen as the September 2010 Business of the Month. PC-Products, located at 221 South Third Street, is an epoxy company that has been located in the city of Allentown for over 50 years. The company was founded by John (Jack) Long in 1954 and produced just one product, PC-7, for nearly 20 years. PC-Products now produces sixteen different epoxies designed for heavy-duty repairs, quick repairs, anchoring, and wood restoration. Read full press release.