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We’re headed to Vegas! PC is back at the National Hardware Show

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Who’s ready to hit the Vegas Strip? We’ve got some amazing news: Not only can you enjoy the warmth and party atmosphere of Sin City – you can visit Protective Coating Company at the National Hardware Show too!

For PC Products, it’s a dream come true. We get to combine the pleasure of Las Vegas with the biggest hardware event in the country. Scheduled for May 7-9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), the National Hardware Show promises to be bigger and better than ever this year with even more product categories, a ton of educational offerings, and limitless networking opportunities for exhibitors.

According to Megan Menzer, owner of Newton’s True Value in Cherryvale, Kansas, “My favorite part of the show is the sheer volume of different products. I look for new products to bring into my store and the new trends in product categories, styles and colors. I get to see vendors that might not be at our distributor show. I can network with people in the business, and we can share ideas.”

Can you tell we are excited? We’d love to see you there too, so come visit us in person at Booth #5510. You will get to see all our marvelous epoxy products and meet our PC family.


Defend Your Wood: How to Beat Rot Like a Superhero

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Hold on, if you’re thinking any dirty thoughts, hit the back button. We’re talking fixing your things here.

I highly doubt there’s a man or woman alive who hasn’t faced a piece of wood rotting, crumbling, or being infested by nasty insects at some point or another in their lives. It doesn’t have to cause your stomach to sour or your temples to throb with woe. We’ve got solutions right here and now. At Protective Coating Company, we know that wood siding, garage doors, or window sills can all be repaired easily without a big expense. No sweat.

PC Rot Terminator

This is your first line of defense. Clean the rotted area you wish to repair of any loose dirt and dust. Removal of paint and varnish will even increase the power of rot terminator as well. Then apply the Rot Terminator product to the area with a brush. PC-Rot Terminator will readily follow the grain of rotted wood.

For maximum penetration, poke or drill holes into the wood or expose the grain of the wood by cutting into the wood. For vertical surfaces drill holes on an angle to ensure PC-Rot Terminator stays in place. Reapply the PC-Rot Terminator prior to cure if needed. Repeat if needed.

PC Woody Repair

After the rot terminator has fully cured, you can use PC-Woody to rebuild the area that has crumbled and fallen away or decayed. Apply PC Woody in any thickness to both sides of the surface and bring together firmly. Make sure that an ample amount of PC-Woody remains between the contact surfaces. Use screen wire or fiberglass cloth to reinforce large voids and gaps.

Denatured alcohol is excellent for smoothing applied PC Woody. Let this application fully cure, and then you are free to sand, prime and paint away.

If it Still Sounds Too Hard

If you like things made to order, we have a Rotted Wood Repair Kit that might suit your discriminating taste. Included in the kit are the PC-Petrifier to harden rotted and damaged wood, the PC-Woody to permanently repair wood and the PC-Lumber to rebuild, shape, and mold your wood. It’s got everything you need for the job at hand. No pun intended.

How many Freudian slips are in this article? Send us your guess on our Facebook page!


DIY Tabletops: Things that Make Ya Go WOW! Did I Do That?

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Everyone has got an old table that they just can’t seem to throw away. It’s functional, it’s useful, but it just isn’t attractive. (We won’t use the term butt ugly, but… just sayin’.) Well, Protective Coating Company hates waste. We like to do things the old fashioned way – with a bit of flair for the dramatic, thrown in. We like to fix and create things ourselves, where the end result is something sturdy and original – WITHOUT the “Made in China” stamped on the bottom.

Do you have an old wood table that could use a lift? Even different table surfaces can use this approach. All you need to do is cover the table surface with decorative items like: shells, beads, interesting rocks – whatever, and then coat with epoxy to seal in your own unique design. Here’s how.

7 steps to DIY Epoxy Tabletops:

1. Sand your tabletop. Work with the grain to avoid scratches. Remove as much of the old finish as you want. You can leave most of the scratches, gouges, and traces of the old paint on the surface for a rustic look, or you can sand until the surface is smooth for a more cultured look. Pick your own style. Wipe the table down to remove sanding dust, and then apply a coat of stain or paint.

2. Measure each side of your table, including the thickness. Cut sheets of wood veneer, or a similar lightweight material, to correspond to the length of each side, making the width of the board the thickness of the table plus the depth you want your coat to form. For example, a 4-foot long table with a surface 1 inch thick would require a strip 4 feet long and 2 inches wide.

3. Apply a layer of epoxy adhesive (Pc7 epoxy would work nicely) to the edge of the tabletop. Position the strip along the edge of the tabletop and flush with the bottom of the tabletop base. Press the strip firmly and hold for a few minutes to ensure it is secure. Repeat with all the strips to form a mold. Allow it to cure for the appropriate length of time (as listed on the adhesive packaging)
4. Rub the inside of the form down with grease, such as petroleum or shortening. This will keep the epoxy from bonding to the form. If you choose to decorate the top with a pattern or decorative items, now is the time to get as creative as you want. Fill objects that can trap air (such as bottle caps and sea shells) with glue, silicone or a similar substance. Trapped air can ruin your final finish. Use epoxy paste to secure every object to the original tabletop surface.
5. Brush on a thin seal coat of clear epoxy — less than a 1/4 inch thick — over the entire tabletop, including any embedded objects. Make sure you follow product mixing instructions precisely. We recommend PC – Clear. This coat will seal the pores of the table and any porous objects, preventing them from releasing air into the epoxy. It also helps smooth irregularities in the surface. Allow the tabletop to dry completely according to the epoxy directions! Appropriate cure time is essential.
6. Pour an additional layer directly from the bucket into the mold. Lay a coat about 1/8 inch in depth. Gently distribute the epoxy, moving around the table to help the epoxy level out. Allow it to dry for another four hours, then sand and wipe with rubbing alcohol once more.
7. Continue pouring layers of clear epoxy until the finish is as deep as you desire. Maintain drying times to avoid bubbles or irregularities. Remove the forms and sand down the tabletop edges again to complete your new epoxy tabletop.


Photo courtesy of




Woe Is Me: Broken or Cracked Plastic Again?

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Plastic has changed everyone’s life over the years, but it certainly does have its downfalls. It cracks or it breaks, and because it’s plastic, we tend to sigh and just chuck it. After all, it’s plastic – you can’t weld it, nail it, glue it, or tape it with any sort of long term success – right?

Wrong. Epoxy repair is a different matter!

We get quite a few questions from customers wondering whether “fixing their things” with PC Products includes stuff like their fridge doors and plastic bins.

Yup. We can do that. And YOU can do that.

Epoxy Products that Work : PC – Fast-n-EZ 

The seal produced by an epoxy fix to your cracked or broken plastic will turn out even STRONGER THAN THE ORIGINAL DEAL. You can’t go wrong, just follow the instructions.

PC-Fast-N EZ™ is an extremely flexible translucent paste epoxy. This formulation self-mixes for a super easy application process. PC-Fast-N EZ™ flows beautifully through a static mix nozzle that mixes the epoxy thoroughly for you – no hassle. The mixing nozzle doesn’t just mix the product; it also helps with precise applications such as the cracks appearing in those fridge shelves.

Try the syringe if you like easy fixes, you can’t go wrong! Fixing your things has never been easier.

Animal Rescues with Epoxy

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At PC Products, you might have come to realize that our favorite slogan is “Fix Your Things.” After all, our company is all about repair, restoration, and fabrication using a variety of products we’ve come up with in our PC “Lab.” But, what happens when something “alive” comes to YOU in need of FIXING? And it could be a matter of life or death?

Epoxy has come to have a place in the rescue and rehabilitation of certain animal species – especially those with hard external shells. So, if your kid brings you a turtle that’s wondered into the street and gotten smacked or has been hit by the neighbor’s lawn mower, you might just be able to fix that too!

I’m Batman.

This lucky fellow – after being struck by a car, severely damaging his shell – stumbled upon someone with the talent to “fix his things” – and with a sense of humor too!

We found this pic on It’s no joke. This lucky tortoise’s shell was fixed with a fiberglass batman patch and a healthy dose of epoxy resin before being sent off into the world with a “bad-a$$” attitude to match!

We think this rocks!!! PC – 7 Epoxy is our recommendation .



According To Experts

There are many ways to repair cracked or broken turtle shells, but most repairs are commonly done using a fiberglass patch and epoxy resin. Douglas Mader, DVM, DABVP, of Marathon Veterinary Hospital in Marathon, Fla., said that “For simple fractures you can epoxy zip ties to the shell and connect the broken pieces together very efficiently with the nylon ties. This technique obviates the need to drill holes in the shell, thus minimizing complications or potential additional bone injury or bone pain from the drill sites.”

Fleming also says that while the process is lengthy, surgical repair of chelonian shell fractures is rewarding and worthwhile. “These reptiles often have life spans greater than 50 years,” he said. “By rehabilitating an adult chelonian, you are assisting with conservation as well as helping individual animals that are often overlooked and never treated.”

Doctor’s Orders: PC Epoxy Works!

Sandy’s Wicked Aftermath: Tackling Marine and Boat Repair

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Have you, or members of your family, felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy in some way?

The “super-storm” left dozens dead, thousands homeless and millions without power. Total damage is expected to be in the billions of dollars! According to the National Hurricane Center, the width of the tropical-storm force winds alone neared 1000 miles in diameter. WOW!

Aside from the largest losses, where rebuild will take months to even years, many families have felt the effects through smaller damages to property, particularly docked boats or other marine craft. According to BoatUS/Sail-World, Hurricane Sandy damaged more than 65,000 boats and caused more than $650 million in damages to crafts across the US. “We’ve never seen anything like it,” said Scott Croft, BoatUS AVP of Public Affairs.

Boat repair is expensive, and unless your insurance company is happy, willing, and even able to pick up the tab, many folks are left to deal with some do-it-yourself fixes to lower costs or deductibles.

PC Marine and Boat Repairs

PC – 11 Paste Epoxy That Cures Underwater

Got a submerged substrate? No problem. The high “wet grab” or tack of PC-11® makes overhead and sidewall work easy without drip or sag. Our PC-11® demonstrates excellent chemical resistance to mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt, and fresh water. With PC – 11, there is an extended working time, for large and critical jobs, which allows you to reposition work or make changes as you go along in the process. No rocket science involved!


PC – Marine Putty Epoxy for Fast and Easy Repair

Small problem? Want to hit the water again soon? PC-Marine™ is a hand moldable putty epoxy designed for quick emergency-type repairs. PC-Marine™ is formulated to adhere to wet, dry, and submerged surfaces that are clean. Cut, mix and apply. PC-Marine™ allows a working time of about 15 minutes and cures for service in 60 minutes.

If you are an avid mariner or boat owner, take a look at this site: for a variety of forums covering all sorts of boat questions and issues.

2013: A Year of Do-It-Yourself Projects for an Uncertain Economy

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How is your wallet feeling these days? The New Year is leaving many folks with a twinge of uncertainty – what’s really going to happen next with this unstable economy? Is it truly recovering, has it stalled, or is it in fact on the brink of the inevitable financial cliff that is suddenly all the post-election drama and television coverage? Who knows! The bottom line for many of us is: We want our homes and families covered, protected, and safe for whatever we may face in this upcoming year.

And so, many of us are entering a new era of do-it-yourself fixes, upgrades, and projects. Truthfully, it’s empowering. It’s sometimes even fun. It can be family oriented. And there is a wealth of information, tutorials, and some amazing new products out there to help us along. DO NOT FORGET: PC Products loves to answer your questions, and help you along this new path!

Photo Credit: DIY Family Project: Chris & Jenny

Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands

Let’s face it, Washington has stalled, and not much is being accomplished other than the accumulation of more debt. According to David Brodwin of the American Sustainable Business Council, “Americans are taking matters into their own hands. A new movement called the ‘D.I.Y. economy’ is emerging. But in this context ‘D.I.Y.’ takes on a different meaning: It’s not about going to Home Depot to get the parts you need to fix your sink; it’s about driving economic development at the local level, with local leadership, guided by a more robust and sustainable vision.”

PC Products’ Vision

As a 100% American company founded on the principles that made early America the greatest country there is, PC Products proudly supports the DIY movement. We strive to make our products fit with American-owned local hardware stores that are still alive and kicking in today’s tough economy. We are all-American, we never outsource, we continue to grow, and we stand behind our philosophy. We are a family run company committed to producing quality products.

Our Products

Take a look at some of our customer favorites. These products can help you fix your things yourself – without the help of foreign products. And, you can still keep your money invested in your local community supporting companies with like-minded philosophies.

PC – 7:  PC-7® is the tough job epoxy! This paste epoxy was formulated for maximum bonding power. PC-7® formulation provides extended working time, for large and critical jobs, which allow the user to reposition work or make changes.

PC – 11:  PC-11® was formulated as a true marine epoxy, allowing users to bond to wet, dry and fully submerged substrates.

PC – Woody: PC-Woody® is an epoxy paste formulated to replace missing and rotted wood. It has structural strength greater than most wood. PC- Woody® is a permanent wood repair for interior and exterior applications.

PC – Plumbing:  PC-Plumbing™ is a hand moldable putty epoxy designed for quick emergency-type repairs. PC-Plumbing™ is NSF® rated safe for contact with potable water. PC-Plumbing™ can be applied to wet and dry surfaces.


We have many other products to help you with your concrete, auto body, delicate crystal or glass, and outdoor or pool repair of any shape and size. 2013 is YOUR year for DIY! Happy New Year!

Days Gone By: Nostalgia Can Help Small Businesses Bloom

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Mom & Pop Hardware Stores Have Something Mass Merchants Don’t – Character

If you hired a top-shelf marketing guru to guide you through a new ad campaign, do you think they would suggest you label your product “Idiot Proof?” Likely a big no-no today, but it was popular in the early days of PC-Products, when we didn’t need to worry about being politically correct, and the occasional inane or frank comment was appreciated or chuckled at. If I were picking a new or untried epoxy repair product, and I was unsure of the outcome of my efforts, “idiot-proof” sounds pretty darned good to me. And no offense taken at all!

It is beginning to feel that times are again changing. People are horrendously tired of the giant box stores populated with non-English speaking or bored/detached salespeople. They yearn for the appeal of days gone by. Nostalgia for the past can breathe new life into smaller stores, and give them a big edge over the factory-feel of the heftier competition.

Owner of Ernst & Sons of Massachusetts, Rod Ernst says modestly of his continued success, “We’ve held on well and done okay.” The 78 year-old shopkeeper took over store operations from his father in 1973. His grandfather opened the store 107 years ago and passed it on to Rod’s father.

Inside the Ernst & Son’s store it is a bit like a time capsule. Not much has changed in the store over the past 50 years. Rustic old wooden floors line the aisles, tools and equipment hang on the wall as they always have, and a beautiful old-fashioned cash register sits regally on the counter. Due to their ambiance and great customer service, Ernst & Son managed to retain their market share after the invasion of larger stores in the late 1970’s and beyond.

Many other mom and pop stores are cultivating their nostalgia-factor in order to remain competitive and unique. In today’s economy, increasing numbers of families are pinching dollars and doing more home improvement projects on their own. They want answers to all their little questions, they want personal attention, and they want a knowledgeable source to give it to them. This is something big box stores just can’t provide.

Mutch Hardware in North Mankato, MN specializes in providing folks with that hard-to-find-item, it’s even becoming their unique selling proposition that they use to attract customers to their store.

Small businesses need to keep such uniqueness in mind. Provide a niche that the big boys can’t. Stick together, think smart, and have pride in what you have always done, and will continue to do. That’s American character!

Is Epoxy Dangerous? PC Product Facts You Can Count On

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We think most folks have a fairly adequate amount of common sense when it comes to epoxy applications. If you follow the directions, it’s pretty much a cake walk. However, we do get a few unusual questions from time to time regarding the safety of epoxy putties and pastes. Before we get into what you CAN do safely with our PC Epoxy products, let’s talk briefly about a few things you probably shouldn’t do, even if you’re a thrill junkie.

Do not:

  • Use it to fix your grandmother’s dentures
  • Use it as a low calorie alternative to peanut butter
  • Attempt to bedazzle your skin or hair with it
  • Use it to make a mold of any of your body parts
  • Inhale as many vapors as you can just to see what happens

While the resin components of epoxy products are rarely a problem, some of the hardening agents are irritants to skin, and can exude certain fumes that are not advisable to inhale. A good set of latex gloves and proper ventilation should take care of any possible issue.

**The most common adverse affect of working with epoxy products is a possible poison ivy-like rash which can develop. However, this usually occurs only after a long period of time with repeated direct skin contact with the products, resulting from a disregard for safety procedures.

PC Epoxy is Safe For:

  • Use in aquariums. Best to remove the fish before working in the aquarium and until the product cures – after curing it is non-toxic to aquatic life.
  • Use on grills. Certain epoxy products, like PC-Fahrenheit,are formulated specifically for use in high-heat situations, and will not become volatile when you are cooking that steak.
  • Use in plumbing fixtures. PC Plumbing has been determined safe by NSF for contact with potable water as a repair product in typical plumbing applications.
  • Use in fridges and freezers to repair broken drawers, etc.

General Epoxy Rule of Thumb

Epoxy is so widely used for home repairs, boatbuilding, woodworking, aircraft construction and repair, truck body repair, and so much more that it’s important to understand how to use it safely.

When working with epoxy products, the key takeaway is that most products are non-toxic, AFTER CURING. When you are mixing and applying any epoxy product, just make sure you follow the label instructions. Once it’s cured- just about anything goes!

FIY to the EXTREME – Can You Handle the Heat?

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Sometimes, you just get the urge to push the envelope. Walk on the wild side, and see how far can you go with your “self repairs.” Even if it’s merely for bragging rights, we’ve got the most crazy of your fix-er-up projects COVERED.

Do you live at the North Pole, where it is -40 degrees and blowing like an elf in the wind? We got you. Are you toiling in the Sahara Desert, working on the construction of the latest camel rest stop where the thermometer reads a staggering 120 degrees? We’ve still got you.

Cause we’re PC – Products and we don’t mess around with little variables like the extreme heat or frigid cold. We just went ahead and concocted some solutions to life’s stickier situations.

cookout. PC – Fahrenheit will hold up to 500°F for long periods of time, and is certainly extreme enough to get you through your gig. PC-Fahrenheit™ allows a working time of about 8 minutes and cures for service in 60 minutes … now that’s Extreme FIY!

Suggested uses:

  • Grill /fireplace repair. Easy cheesy.
  • Muffler problems? No sweat.
  • Hot water heater leaks. Yup.

PC-Xtreme. This product is a rapid curing Polyurea elastomeric crack and joint filler. Don’t forget that phrase – you’ll want to use it on your buddy later!

The PC –Xtreme uniformly dispenses from its cartridge and blends the resin and the hardener through a mixing nozzle, utilizing a standard caulking gun. It even self-levels. There’s no way you’re messing up your project today!

Suggested uses are as follows:

  • Fill cracks in your concrete in the middle of winter. Snow removal may be necessary.
  • Make a repair to your freezer or fridge while it’s cold. No problem.
  • Industrial or Heavy Duty floor applications in high traffic areas. Got your back.

To sum it all up: whether you are a weekend FIY warrior or a stay-at-home momma, you can release your inner “MacGyver” with the varying aspects of our epoxy putties and pastes. Clear your mind, free your imagination, and get your things FIXED!